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BONUS+ Quick info: Circulation loans reports

Calendar / Recommendations

Member libraries need to regularly run Circulation loan reports from local Millennium/Sierra Circulation to manage BONUS+ loans. 

 Below are recommendations for frequency of reports, and the number of days to specify each report should cover. These times can be varied locally and depend on factors such as delivery times and workflow. In June - November 2017, the Site Coordinators reviewed the recommendations for the days each report should cover, taking into account increased delays in delivery being experienced. The number of days was increased to 30 for the "Transit reports".

Run how often? 
Days report covers
"Transit reports "
Institutional overdues 
(Items borrowed from your library)

Minimum: June and October -
BONUS+ housekeeping > Institutional overdues  Billed for Replacement procedures

In Transit too long 
(Items in transit from supplying site to your site, and not received)
Weekly 30
Returned too long
(Items checked in & left your library, but not checked back in at supplying site)
Weekly 30
"Handling reports "
Paged too long 
(Books requested from your library by others.
Requests are auto-forwarded after they have been paged for 144 hours (6 days) )


Received too long
(Books not being picked up by your clients. Sept 2017: not all sites use this)
Weekly 11
Requested too long
Items requested by your clients. Sept 2017: reported to be the least-used report)
Weekly 3


To run reports

Reports require Authorisation for function 340 (INN-Reach Reports) 

  1. Login to Sierra / Millennium. Choose INN-Reach – Reports from the Function list.
  2.  Select each individual report from the Report Type drop down menu
  3. Change the settings for Minimum days, etc, as required. Available Sort by options change depending on the report.
  4. Click Prepare button to generate the report.
  5. When finished with one report Close and select another.

For more information see CSdirect:

  • Millennium User Manual pages 107250 -107255   (INN-Reach Circulation Reports )
  • 101023 (Printing the INN-Reach holdshelf report)
  • 101024 (Return unwanted INN-Reach items) 


Institutional overdues


Action on report:
  1. Use printed list to search the owning library's (i.e. your library) shelves for items that have been returned and reshelved, but not checked in. 
  2. Check in items found on shelves and re-run the report. 
  3. Print to email for forwarding report to libraries with outstanding items. 
  4. Send the re-run report to other libraries for their action and follow up
Report Settings:


  • Select Institutional Overdues from the Report Type drop-down list.
  • Number of days an item must be overdue to be included in the report :
    • Minimum days overdue. Specify minimum for your site. Recommended: 30
    • Maximum number of days overdue: 9999 (reports all overdue items
  • Select Sort by type:
    • Item Location and Call Number sorts by shelving location and sub-sorts by call number within a location.
    • Patron Home Library and Name sorts by patron's home library (if used) and sub-sorts by patron name.
  • Select the branch Location for which you want to view overdues.
  • Click Prepare button on top toolbar to generate report
  • Sort reports while viewing by changing the Sort by parameter, or select a column header, e.g. Due Date
  • To view more detail on an entry, right mouse click on it and select View Detail.
    Detail given
    : virtual patron number, patron name, item number and barcode, home library and item location, call number, due date  and out date (check-out date)

view detail menu option





  • Print reports using Print button on top tool bar.
  • Reports may also be copied (Ctrl+C) and pasted (Ctrl +V) into Excel for sorting/filtering.

In Transit Too Long

  • This report lists all the items that have been sent to your library by another library, (with a status of In Transit), which have not been received within days. 
  • Recommended frequency: weekly
Report settings
  1. Select In transit too long from the Report Type drop-down list.
  2. In the Minimum days box, enter 30 (recommended)
  3. Sort by Item Location
  4.  Click Prepare to generate report
  5. Print to email for forwarding to lending libraries
Action on report

Check with lending libraries to verify that items have been sent

Returned Too Long

  • Lists items checked in at the borrowing library (with the status % (RETURNED) ), but that have not been checked back in by their owning library within x days.
    The system assigns a virtual item the status % when the borrowing library checks in the item and sends it to the owning library.
  • Recommended frequency: weekly
Report settings
  1. Select Returned too long from the Report Type drop-down list.
  2. In the Minimum days box, enter 30 (recommended)
  3. Sort by Item Location (lending library location) / Returned Date
  4. Click Prepare to generate report
  5. Print to email for forwarding to lending libraries
returned too long menu options
Action on report:

1. Borrowing library to contact lending libraries and ask to verify status of items.

2. Lending library to check online catalogue to see if items have been returned.

2a.  If items are not checked in, lending library also checks shelves to make sure item wasn’t shelved without being checked in.

 3. If item has been checked in at lending library, borrowing library removes invalid virtual item from Returned Too Long report using menu option Remove invalid virtual items


How to Remove invalid virtual items 
  • A virtual item is considered invalid if its status on the Local Server is '%' (RETURNED) and its status on the INN-Reach Central Server is not '@' (OFF-SITE) or '1' (LOAN REQUESTED).
  • (If the item status is '@', the owning site has not yet checked in the item. If the item status is '1', the item is currently being requested.)
  • With the Returned Too Long report you can delete a virtual item with a status of '%' (RETURNED) on both the Local and Central Servers from the associated patron's record. 
  1. In the Returned Too Long report table, select the item(s) to delete from the patron record.
  2. Choose the Remove button or right-click the item and select Remove Item.
  3. Choose Yes to delete the item, No to return to the report without deleting the virtual item from the patron's record.
  4. If you attempt to delete an item with status @ or 1 at the BONUS+ Central Server, the system displays a Warning that the item cannot be removed.

Paged too long

  • Lists your library's items that have been requested and paged for loan, but that have not changed status in more than days.
  • The items have been requested but they are still waiting to be processed at the owning library. 
  • Note: Paged Too Long displays hours rounded up to days. Items not yet paged longer than the number of hours set in Automatic Forwarding of requests may appear in the Paged Too Long report
  • The system-level auto-forwarding setting forwards un-processed requests at 6 days.
  • Owning library to fill requests or transfer request to another library or cancel if no copies available
  • Set Minimum days to 2  
  • Sort by Item location 
  • Choose Prepare to display the Paged Too Long report. 
  • Home Library refers to the patron location. 
  • Right mouse click on Call # column header to toggle to Barcode display 
  • Copy or print report

Requested Too Long


Lists all the Circulation items that your patrons have requested from other libraries but whose status ('&' (REQUESTED)) has not changed within three days.

Sort  by Patron Home library, subsorted by patron name, or Date Requested

Choose Prepare to display the Requested Too Long report

Print to email to forward to lending library if required


Email reports to lending libraries (item location) to find out if the requests have been processed.


Received Too Long

Lists all Circulation items (with a status of '#' (RECEIVED) ), that your library has received but that have not been picked up by the patrons who requested them within the number of days you specify in the report. 

  1. Go to Millennium Circulation Holdshelf > Print INN-Reach holdshelf reports.
  2. Identify items to be returned and remove from physical holdshelf.
  3. Go to INN-Reach - Return Unwanted Item mode:
  4. To prepare items to return to owning libraries, scan barcodes of items to be returned.
  5. Print a cancellation notice and/or a transit slip when prompted and select OK.
  6. A transit slip prints immediately. If you choose to print a cancellation notice to be delivered to the patron, print or send it from Notices mode.
  7. Return the items to the lending library.
Report Settings
  1. Set Minimum days to 11
  2. Sort by Received 
  3. Prepare report