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BONUS+ Quick info: Error messages for client requesting

Messages for clients requesting Bonus+ items

Message Meaning
Sorry, no copies available for request All copies of this title have the status LOCAL USE ONLY, or NOT REQUESTABLE,  and may only be borrowed by patrons of the owning llibrary.
Sorry, the information you submitted was invalid There was an error in your login data.

Please contact library staff. Your library record is missing data in one of these fields: Name, Patron Type, or PIN number (if used). 

Library staff need to check your patron record for Name, Patron Type, or PIN.

Sorry, request cannot be processed. Cannot access your patron record.

.BONUS+ cannot connect to your local catalogue to check your details. Please try again later.

Sorry, your ID is not unique on that system.

Your ID is not unique on your home library system. Please try again, and contact your home library if you continue to get this message.

You cannot use BONUS+ to request items that are available at your institution    

This item is available for loan at your local library and cannot be requested from BONUS+. Please borrow the item from your local library.

No copies available at this time An email sent automatically by the central server when AutoForwarding is turned on, if  a request has been waiting for six days and there is no available alternative copy. AutoForwarding runs all year except when member libraries are closed over Christmas-New Year, and occasionally at Easter.