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BONUS+ Quick info: Troubleshooting

Why can't a client place a Hold on an item?

There are various limits set on the BONUS+ central server to prevent holds being placed on items that are not likely to be available soon.

There are also limits on the numbers of holds that can be placed by a client:

  • A BONUS+ loan remains on a patron record until the borrowed item is checked back in at the owning library.
  • Undergraduate students - 5 
  • Postgraduate students and staff - 10

If the patron's home library also limits the number of holds that can be placed by their clients on their collection, any active BONUS+ holds are counted towards that total.

Why can't we request a specific volume of a multi-volume work?

The owning library hasn't coded the multi-volume work so it can be specifically requestable. For individual volumes to be requestable, multi-volume works need to be coded with volume information in the item record volume field attached to the bibliographic record,

A book arrived without a paging slip - how to find requester and pick-up location?

When a book arrives from BONUS+ without a paging slip, there are a couple of options to find the patron who requested it and their pick-up location.

  • Search the BONUS+ barcode number in Catalog mode.
  • Your site co-ordinator can do an SQL search, eg 


id2reckey(request.patron_record_id) AS "Patron Record No",  barcode AS "Item Barcode",  call_number AS "Item Call No",  pickup_location_code AS "Pickup Location"

from sierra_view.item_record_property

join sierra_view.request ON item_record_property.item_record_id  = request.item_record_id join sierra_view.hold ON hold.record_id  = request.item_record_id where barcode = '320070045458259utsy'


Bruce Eames